How to run so as not to hurt your knees and joints

First: inappropriate shoes

Shoes are really a very important element of a runner’s equipment. Do not buy them under the influence of discounts, it is best to go to a specialized store where shoe models will be selected according to the shape of the foot, the place that holds the body weight, and also according to the chosen type of equipment. When running on hard sidewalks, you should buy shoes that give at least a minimum level of depreciation. However, do not forget to at least sometimes change the place of running.

Second: lack of warm-up

Lacking a warm-up before running is like skating without sharpened skids. Properly prepared skates should ensure a smooth ride, and a warm-up should protect us from possible injuries. The start of the run “from the march” can end for us with a serious injury, so it’s worth spending ten minutes to warm up the joints well and warm up all the muscles. In addition, to avoid injuries, it is worth strengthening the joints from the inside and taking care of proper nutrition.

Third: the wrong running technique

Improper technique harms the joints, strengthens the muscles of the shoulders and neck and reduces speed and endurance. In order not to interfere with jogging, relax and straighten your shoulders, hold them at an angle of 90 degrees and move your hands close to your body. Do not run with your head bowed. Looking under our feet, we make our breathing difficult, get tired faster and overload the cervical spine.

Fourth: poor nutrition

Remember that with great physical effort, our need for nutrients increases. A proper and wholesome diet should include fruits, vegetables, cereals, and whole grain pasta. It is necessary to reduce or abandon the consumption of fast food and sugary sodas. It is also advisable to eat seeds and pumpkin seeds more often, thanks to the useful substances that they contain, the body will recover faster after training.

Do not forget about water. The amount of water drunk should be equal to the amount lost during running, it is advisable to take several sips of water every 5-10 minutes of running. You must remember that you need to drink not only during training. Water reserves can be replenished before jogging. For example, an hour before training.