Genocide Alert: Homosexuality Systematically Killing Black Americans!

MICHIGAN, March 8, 2014- There is a growing trend among homosexual and lesbian advocates of redefining marriage as other than between one man and one woman: They are alleging that marriage redefinition is a “civil right” and that Americans of the same sex who seek to redefine marriage are suffering comparable persecution as Africans did during the transatlantic slave trade.

Homosexuals and lesbians also say they are suffering the same discrimination as Black Americans during the “civil rights” era, prior to the passing of the landmark Voting Rights and Civil Rights Bills of 1964 and 1965, respectively.

California Defense Attorney and Advocate of Redefining Marriage, Michael Eisenberg, during a televised debate on the Rick Amato Show, February 27, 2014, stated that he was shocked that I would oppose redefining marriage, since I am a Black American. I have been similarly attacked on other social media venues.

I, on the other hand, am astonished by the notion that anyone would have the audacity to compare the lifestyle  choices of homosexuals and lesbians, which is not immutable, to the plight of being Black in America, which is immutable. More important, it is a lifestyle that is systematically and disproportionately killing Black Americans.

The fact is that the homosexual agenda is one that can rightly be identified as genocidal against Black Americans.

Per the Nov. 2013 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Report: “HIV In the United States: At a Glance”:

  • Homosexual, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) of all races and ethnicities remain the population most profoundly affected by HIV
  • Although Homosexual MSM represent less than 5 percent of the male population in the U.S., they account for 78 percent of all new HIV infections among males and 63 percent of all new infections overall

This has had an alarming impact on the Black community in particular. The same CDC report identified that:

  • Homosexual, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM),  particularly young Black/African -American MSM, are most seriously affected by HIV
  • The estimated rate of new HIV infections for Black women was 20 times as high as the rate for white women, and almost five times as high as that of Latinas.
  • Almost 85,000 HIV-infected people in the Black community in 2010 were unaware of their HIV status
  • It is estimated that 1 in 16 Black men and 1 in 32 Black women will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

The tragic reality is that Black Americans are disproportionately and devastatingly impacted by the homosexual agenda.


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LGBT Comparison of Marriage Redefinition to Historical Black Civil Rights Struggles Is Dishonest and Manufactured


Date: March 7. 2014

Contact: Stacy Swimp

P: 313-887-0942

*** News Advisory***

LGBT Comparison of Marriage Redefinition to Historical Black Civil Rights Struggles Is Dishonest and Manufactured

Michigan, March 7, 2014- LGBT is an initialism which stands for lesbians, homosexual, bisexual and transgender. There is a false narrative being championed by this demographic, which says that those who are a part of the LGBT demographic in America suffer from the same plight that Black Americans did during slavery and the Jim Crow ere, prior to the passing of the landmark Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bills of 1964 and 1965, respective.

Gospel Activist, Sociopolitical Commentator, and Born Again Believer, Minister  Stacy Swimp, disagrees.

No one from the LGBT community has ever had fire hoses turned on them. They have never drank out of a LGBT water fountain or been forced to sit at the back of the bus in an LGBT section.“, says Stacy Swimp, of Michigan. “Lesbian, Homosexual, bisexual and transgender Americans have never  been denied their voting rights,  nor have they been denied the right to assemble. History also shows no record of the LGBT community being targeted by the FBI or CIA en masse; such as what Black Americans experienced.”

Black Americans had to stand up or step off the sidewalk whenever a White American walked by them. Has anyone from the LGBT community had to stand up or step off the sidewalk whenever a “straight” person walked by?

Have lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender Americans been forced to eat in the back kitchen of a restaurant where they worked? Have they been forced to attend separate schools or been spit on acceptably in public?

Black Americans were publicly lynched, specifically excluded from moving into neighborhoods, prohibited from sitting on a jury and denied the right to sue others.

“The LGBT community has never been subject to eugenics campaigns (see Margaret Sanger’s history and its birth to Planned Parenthood), has never been excluded from attending a public university, has never been prohibited from living in a public dormitory;  and on, and one, and on.“, concludes Stacy Swimp

To state that the legislative agenda of marriage redefinition is in any way similar to the Civil Rights movement is intellectually empty, dishonest and manufactured.

It also usurps and overshadows the utter misery that Black Americans have had to endure in this country.

It is time for Black Americans to address this false exploitation, by the LGBT community,  of our legacy of struggle and overcoming.

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Identifying and Overcoming The Mocking Spirit (Jude 1:1-25)


By: Stacy Swimp

The Word of God makes it clear as to how we can identify what it calls “Mockers” and, furthermore, gives us definitive instructions as to how we ought to deal with the mocking spirits.

What is a ‘mocker”? The mocker is a false teacher. One who tries to teach against the Word of Truth. The mocker, especially, seeks to turn God’s people away from the Lord.

The Word says that “mockers” shall come in unaware and speak evil against Christ and the Word of God.

The mocker publicly scorns, rails against, imitates with ridicule, and comes against God’s Word and all who would stand firm upon God’s Word.

We see mocking spirits in society, without restraint, pushing for marriage redefinition. Mockers say that God’s people, in standing firm upon God’s definition of marriage, are  “gay bashers” .

Mockers say they have peace with God in their assault on God’s Word and God’s people, but they do not, in fact, have peace with either God or man.

We also see mocking spirit champion the abortion of unborn children. President Obama said that abortion advocates are “doing God’s Work”.  The mocker says that murdering unborn life which God creates is an act of compassion.

Is there any greater example of mocking God?

Mockers today are very influential in society. They are CEOs of companies, politicians, and even pastors and ministers.

They attempt to discredit God’s Word and God’s people, repeating what the Word says and what God’s people say, with the intent to belittle, mock, ridicule and cause man and women to turn away from God’s truth.

Mockers tend to be rather childish. They will “make sport” out of their public ridicule of God’s Word and God’s people.

Mockers do not understand spiritual matters. They have no knowledge of Jesus Christ. They have only carnal or worldly knowledge. They are blinded by the god of this world (II Corinthians 4:4)

Every word that comes of their mouths is idle. The mocker will indeed have to face the Almighty God in time.

Meanwhile, it is important that we, born again believers and the remnant of God, understand our role in dealing with the mocking spirit.

The person who has succumbed to the mocking spirit is reprobate. That means this person has been completely rejected by God and is in complete and utter darkness spiritually.

You cannot reason with and should never attempt to debate with the mocker. Their mind, soul and spirit is outside of the reach of our intellectual reasoning.

The following are the instructions God gave us in dealing the mocker in Jude:

1. Do not rail against them
2. Do not attempt to correct them. That is not possible per the Word of God
3. Pray for them, that they are born again or, in many cases, restored to the Word of Truth, that they might not be condemned eternally
4. Do not allow the mocker to distract you from what God has called you to do. Give them no place in your lives whatsoever
5. Give Praise to God day and night through all the public ridicule and false accusations the mocker is certain to hurl against both God’s Word and against God’s people (you)

If we will follow God’s instructions in identifying and dealing with the mocker, the Lord has promised us that He will indeed bring us the victory, for the battle is truly not ours anyway. It is the Lord’s.

Remember, Saints:

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, And to present you faultless Before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, Be glory and majesty, Dominion and power, Both now and forever. Amen- Jude 1:24, 25
May you blessed by the Word of Truth and most of all, may you be enlightened and ever more empowered for the spiritual battle ahead! God bless you, Saints!

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61 Percent of Americans Believe Pastors and Churches Should Challenge Obama On Religious Liberty Issues Why Aren’t They?

A recent poll commissioned by the Family Research Council found that 61 Percent of Americans Believe Pastors and Churches Should Challenge Obama On Religious Liberty Issues

Why Aren’t They?

“A recent poll commissioned by the Family Research Council found that 61 percent of Americans agree that pastors and churches should challenge the Obama administration when religious liberty issues are at stake. That being the case, then why are so many pastors afraid to speak up on these issues from the pulpit?

The poll, conducted February 20-23 by the polling company, inc./WomanTrend, surveyed 1,000 people over the age of 18 and called both landline and cell phones. Of the 61 percent in agreement, 41 percent strongly agreed, compared to the 28 percent who disagreed. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percent.

The findings were presented during a press conference I attended at the National Religious Broadcasters annual convention in Nashville earlier this week and I was able to speak with three pastors who are in the trenches of the religious liberty battle.

Tony Perkins, president of FRC presented the results and was joined by Dr. Robert Jeffress, Sr. Pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas and Pastor Rafael Cruz, the director of Purifying Fire Ministries and someone who has experienced persecution himself before he and his family escaped Cuba in 1957.”- Family Research Council


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Detroit Black Pastors to Lead Protest for ‘Righteousness and Freedom’ at U.S. District Court!


DATE: February 28, 2014
Contact: Stacy Swimp
WHAT:       Protest Against Federal Judge’s Threat To Voting Rights
WHO:         Black Pastors and Christian leaders from Detroit and Outstate Michigan
WHEN:      March 3, 2014, 9am, ET
WHERE:    United States District Court for the Eastern District, Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse; 231 W. Lafayette Blvd.,  Detroit, MI 48226
WHY:         On February 25, 2014, Judge Bernard Friedman of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan began presiding  over DeBoer vs. Snyder, a lawsuit that addresses both the 2004 voter approved amendment to the Michigan Constitution that defines marriage between one man and one woman as well as the state adoption law. Judge Friedman is expected to rule on this case next week.
DETROIT, Michigan, Feb. 28, 2014 |Christian News Service| – A Coalition of over 100 Detroit Black Pastors from Detroit have announced that they intend to
lead a peaceful march Detroit Black Pastors  against what they express is a threat to their Voting Rights.
The Pastors say they are “Protesting with praise, worship and prayer.”
“We have already given enough speeches. We intend to go out and sing praises. We shall worship. We shall pray. We shall behold the glory of the living God, Who we trust will show Himself strong on our behalf,  ending the threat against our voting rights and stopping the violation of our Christian conscience.”,  said Rev. Dr. Roland A. Caldwell, Burnette Inspirational Ministries, Detroit, Michigan ”We are calling on Christians, wherever you are, to come to Detroit and stand with us for righteousness and freedom.”‘
At a Press Conference led by hosted this week at First Baptist World Changers International Church, the Pastors and Christians leaders denounced what they said is a threat to their voting rights. Additionally, they denounced what they expressed as a potential threat to their God given right of religious freedom.
“Man’s rejection of God’s Word does not change the fact that God instituted marriage as a means of creating and sustaining family, as well as creating and sustaining a strong and moral society. It is indeed on the basis of strong families, as defined by God, that the future of our nation rests. Hence, there can be no doubt that to redefine marriage as between any two people, regardless of gender, would be an action against the will of God and the best interest of both nation and family.” says, Minister Stacy Swimp, Founder of “REVIVE ALIVE”, Flint, Michigan. “Our presence shall serve as a reminder to Judge  Friedman that it is his God given responsibility to uphold God’s rights and protect the institution of marriage between one man and one woman, which God created and blessed.”
The coalition’s leaders have said that they also believe it is the responsibility of the Church to be the conscience of the community, state and nation. In doing so, they believe they can impact both the judicial and the political system to return to honoring America’s Judeo-Christian Values and commitment to traditional marriage.

“We acknowledge that, for too long, the body of Christ, including many of the leaders of the churches, have been silent in the face of spiritual corruption in the church, community and public square.”, states Rev. Stacey Foster, Life Changers International Ministries. “Therefore, we are calling on every Christian, in Michigan and around the nation, to join us in a call for the spiritual revival of the body of Christ. We need a restoration of consciousness in both the church and the society at large.”

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