Is Being Popular or Famous The True Test Of Leadership!?

I find that I meet a great number of people whose number one priority is to “get my name out there”.

While the nation is crumbling, they want to cover the collapse rather than actually serve the nation and those who are suffering as a result of the collapse.

They seem to believe that having a large following means they are now accomplished leaders.

Being a Public Speaker, talk show host, famous personality, etc, does not constitute true leadership.

Anyone can talk and have strong opinions.

However, a true leader is a servant first and foremost.

True leaders seek to serve those who are the least among us.

They are not haughty or puffed up.

True leadership is up close and personal with the people who need help the most.

Jesus would never be an unattainable public speaker who requires you to be in the ‘in crowd” of a political ideology in order to get the time of the day.

You would find Jesus where neither the pundits or the politicians or the average public speaker would bother to venture.

You would find Jesus helping to provide clothes to those who needed it, visiting and laying hands on the sick, and ministering to those in prison.  Those who do these things are our nation’s greatest leaders by God’s standard (See: Matthew 25:36)

Don’t look to those who are popular for leadership, who are hand picked by political movements or party. Never follow an ideologue. They are political prostitutes.

Look to those God raises up among you who actually serves you right where you are.

Look, most of all, right in the mirror, for God is inviting YOU to serve mightily!

The ones who God raises up will appear to be the least qualified and the least likely, but they will be the ones who God uses to get the best results.

Remember ruddy little King David!

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”- I Corinthians 12:27

Don’t look for who man elevates for leadership. Instead, look to align yourselves with true servants whose agenda is to know and do the will of God, no matter their limitations and unpopular status with this world!

Food for thought!

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Black Pastors Denounce Gay Marriage. Call on U.S. 6th Circuit Court to honor America’s Judeo-Christian values!



To Interview One of the Council Spokespersons:

Please contact:

Black pastors Denounce Gay Marriage. Call on U.S. 6th Circuit Court to honor America’s Judeo-Christian values!


The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled today to hear six cases from four states — Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio — where pro LGBT, activist federal judges have, in recent months, overturned voter approved marriage protection amendments in favor of redefining marriage.

This is the highest number of marriage protection cases ever heard in circuit court at one time.

Attorneys Representing the State of Michigan are scheduled to argue their case first and shall be allotted the most time to do so, in light of the fact that Judge Bernard Friedman of the Michigan based Federal District Court held a full trial before deciding to arbitrarily over rule the ballot results of the 2004 Michigan voter approved Marriage Protection Amendment.

A group of black pastors and Christian leaders , who have formed a National Christian Leadership Council on Family Values are calling on the U.S. 6th Circuit Court to honor America’s Judeo-Christian values and to protect traditional marriage in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

“Judge Bernard Friedman of the U.S. Federal District Court in Detroit, Michigan ruled that it is illogical for anyone to vote based upon their moral values. We are calling on the U.S. 6th Circuit Court to recognize the voting rights of the 2.7 million voters in Michigan who absolutely decided that our moral values are and should be the basis of every decision we make, including our support of the 2004 voter approved Marriage Protection Amendment.”- Bishop Samuel Smith, The Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, Evansville,  Indiana

Pastor Danny Holliday, Victory Baptist Church, says that the Constitution should be followed by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals,  “Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it indicate that equal justice under the law is related to sexual orientation!  Marriage , furthermore, was defined by God. Not by government. Therefore, the constitution provides us our civil, political, and religious freedom, in accordance with our God given rights. The Court must uphold these God given rights and the constitution.”

Minister Stacy Swimp, Founder  of Revive Alive Missional Ministry, Michigan “Research on human sexuality and sexual orientation has overwhelmingly concluded that both homosexual and heterosexual behaviors are conducts. This is true because, no matter who we are attracted to, we have the option to conduct ourselves contrary to what we feel.  It is called free will.” Swimp concluded, “Through their will to believe God, many homosexuals and lesbians have converted to Christianity and are now born again, many even marrying someone of the opposite sex and having children.   It is clear that homosexuality is not a birth right or permanent condition.  Hence, no Federal judge should redefine marriage under the false guise of sexual conduct being a civil right.”

“We pray that the panel of Judges in the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals shall not only uphold the rule of law, but will exercise common sense in denouncing the false narrative which says that marriage redefinition has any association with the historical struggle of Black Americans for social equality. There is no comparison of so called gay rights to the carnage of chattel slavery and the humiliation of Jim Crow which millions of Black Americans suffered from for over three centuries., ” states Darrell D. Mayfield, Kingdom Come Ministries, of Vineland, N.J

Council Nedd, II, Bishop of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Hillsdale, Michigan, summed up the attitude and long term determination of the Council, “God ordained the sacrament of marriage to be a holy bond between one man and one woman. It cannot be defiled by the laws of man.  We will fight and never surrender!”

 The Christian Council report that they represent over 33,000 Churches and 3.2 million members. 

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The Importance of Walking With Youth



Earlier today, I had a conversation with L.C- a young man that I mentor- about the importance of looking towards the future, rather than always looking over our shoulders at the past.

I shared with him the wise words of the Apostle Paul:

“Brothers, I do not consider myself to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead,”- Philippians 3:13

I reminded him how people will always try to tear him down and try to treat him as though his past mistakes are an expression of all that he is- as if his future is bleak because they hold him in contempt for what they judge of his past.

I encouraged him to base his self concepts and self esteem upon What God said about him:


You have made them a little lower than the angels

    and crowned them with glory and honor.

You made them rulers over the works of your hands;

    you put everything under their feet:

all flocks and herds,

    and the animals of the wild,

the birds in the sky,

    and the fish in the sea,

    all that swim the paths of the seas.”- Psalm 8:5-9


Furthermore and, particularly in L.C.’s case:

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”- II Corinthians 5:17

The fact is, I instructed L.C., that people may change how they feel about you for any silly reason. We cannot afford to put our faith and confidence in man.

Lo and behold, Satan came immediately to try to steal the Word which was sown into this young man’s heart.

We went to his old school to see if we could get a copy of his transcripts, that he might get a State I.D.  Upon arriving at the school, we encountered a former counselor, who we discovered was released due to budget problems. She was loading her car with her things.

We explained to the woman what we needed. Reluctantly, after I repeatedly expressed the urgency of the situation, she agreed to see what she could do.

The moment we got into her office, she started telling L.C. that she remembers how bad he used to be. She actually said to him “I hope you are better now”.

I allowed her to get one more negative sentence of her mouth about this young man, before I finally spoke up.

I stated, “Excuse me, doesn’t he look fabulous?! The past doesn’t matter. His future is bright, he is motivated and he is doing just fine. It is important for him to focus on the hope which he has in the future.. It’s also time for others to encourage him to do so rather than try to put him in bondage to any past that he cannot change.

She then changed her entire attitude and became much more enthusiastic about helping him. Ultimately, we did get all that needed.

However, imagine had L.C. went there by himself?

This woman even had the nerve to remark how Black kids in the city, especially, don’t like to get driver”s licenses, etc. I had no idea where she was coming from.

Imagine a young student who may be at a fragile place in his or her life. Perhaps they had

domestic problems at home, low self esteem and poor self concepts- but were beginning to gain confidence.

Then an adult like this so called counselor, comes along and pummels them with negative deficits. That could have potentially destructive consequences for a teen.

L.C. explained to me that this woman has always been like that,, especially towards Black kids. I  have no reason to doubt him, in light of what I saw and experienced today.

I am just so thankful that I was there, as L.C. was speechless. I understand.

A mentor told me years ago that it is important that, rather than tell our youth we are sending them here or there, that we walk though the door with them, if not ahead of them.

He said that our youth often encounter hurdles though these doors that they need wisdom to overcome.

Today was a good example of that.

Ironically, when I spoke with L.C.’s mother and told of her of the incident, she asked me if it was the very woman who treated L.C. that way. Mind you, L.C. had been with me all day and had not talked to mom to advise her of this matter. It shows that there is a history or track record of this woman treating L.C. so condescendingly and, undoubtedly, doing to same to other students.

Charity is great. It is needed. However, we cannot deal with our youth as though they are charity cases who we need no personal connection to. They are not cogs on a wheel or “notches on our belt” of piety, where we feel good about what we did for them, even as we failed to maintain a personal relationship with them.

They truly need our guidance and, as my experience today demonstrated, our protection.

So many times, we are engaged in ad hoc events and programs for kids, feeling really good about ourselves and never stopping to actually get to know the kids we meet. Never discovering what life really looks and feels like to these kids.

That has to change.

Let’s walk with our youth, every step of the way.

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Contact:  Rev. Levon Yuille: 734-657-1640



We the undersigned Black Christian pastors and leaders are writing to defend our Christian brother Gary Glenn and denounce the scurrilously false attacks accusing Gary of being associated with or in any way empathetic towards racist persons or ideas.

Voters in Midland have recently been confronted with false mailings and radio ads by the Great Lakes Education Project, or GLEP, a political action committee that has endorsed Republican candidate, Karl Ieuter.

Voters should know what’s really behind these attacks. GLEP is directed by Greg McNeilly, a prominent political operative who recently “married” another man.  That’s the real reason they’re attacking Gary, who’s a widely respected leader in defense of traditional marriage between one man and one woman. In fact, Gary coauthored the Marriage Protection Amendment approved by Michigan voters in 2004.

In retaliation, GLEP is now funding false and malicious attacks that accuse Gary of wanting to “imprison all gay citizens.” Worse, and this is where we come in, they unbelievably accuse Gary of endorsing “white supremacists” and “Klan leaders.”

In writing to defend our friend and brother Gary Glenn from this malicious slander and lie, we note that his wealthy accusers themselves have no public record of defending the civil rights of Black Americans.

 These things we know to be true:

 Gary Glenn has been a relentless protector of unborn life, particularly of unborn Black babies who represent a disproportionate number of abortions in America.

 Polls say two-thirds of Blacks voted in favor of our state Marriage Protection Amendment, and Gary to this day is deeply respected and appreciated by Black pastors and Christians in the State of Michigan for his leadership of that effort.

 Do Gary’s accusers also accuse us of “endorsing…white supremacists”?

Gary Glenn’s respect among Black religious leaders was recognized this past Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend by the Abolitionist Roundtable, a non-profit group of Black pastors and Black radio personalities founded by Rev. Levon Yuille of Ypsilanti and named after the anti-slavery movement of the Civil War era.

“Mr. Glenn has been a statesman and leading voice for life, family, faith, and religious and economic freedom,” said Del Marsh, co-host of The Abolitionist Round Table radio talk show, during ART’s annual banquet near Detroit. “Today, ART honors Gary Glenn with our 2013 Champion of Liberty Award. Thank you, Mr. Glenn, for being a real champion for our Judeo-Christian heritage.”

On two occasions, Gary hosted and traveled across Michigan with Dr. Alveda King — the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr — to speak in support of traditional marriage and family values.

 We add our own testimony to Gary Glenn’s leadership and love for all people, regardless of race or color.  He has spoken in many of our churches in Detroit, Jackson, Flint, and Ypsilanti.  He has eaten and stayed overnight in our homes.  He has traveled the state with us.  He has come to our aid on many occasions over the last fifteen years in standing for marriage and the family. To some of us who know him best, Gary and his wife Annette and children are like family.

 We will not stand by while Karl Ieuter’s front group, directed by what appears to be a vengeful homosexual activist, plays the race card — or in this case, outrageously, the Klan card — against our brother Gary Glenn.

 Those signing this letter aren’t inextricably bound to any political party. We don’t endorse political candidates. However, we are unanimous in rejecting and condemning these false and slanderous attacks against Gary Glenn.

 We indict Karl Ieuter for his association with them. Ieuter’s picture and name are prominently featured on each of these negative “Klan” mailers, and,  by his silence, he endorses GLEP’s malicious smear tactics against Gary Glenn and exploitation of the historical civil rights struggles of Black Americans for political purposes. 

 We call on Ieuter to stop this character assassination campaign and hope he can compete in a fair election based on issues rather than insulting the voters and, Black Americans in particular, with slanderous and false allegations 


Elder Levon Yuille, The Bible Church of Ypsilanti, Michigan 

 Bishop Ira Combs, Jr., Greater Bible Way Temple of Jackson, Michigan

Stacy Swimp, Spokesman, Project 21 and Founder of Revive Alive Missional Ministry, Flint, Michigan 

Pastor Dr. Phillip Johnson, Greater Bibleway Temple Church, Bay City, Michigan

Elder Lutullus Penton, Jr., Flint Right To Life 

Art Rocker, State Chairman,  Southern Christian Leadership Conference- Florida; National Chairman- Operation People for Peace

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Self Hatred and Self Destruction Are Far Greater Problems to Black Americans Than Racism!

Institutional racism is the least of the problems facing the masses of Black Americans today.

Yes, institutional racial is real and should be addressed.

However, the soft bigotry of low expectations, miseducation, illiteracy, broken families, HIV/AIDS, high abortion rates, mass incarceration, Black on Black crime, and pure self hatred are all the results of our own decisions.

These things are destroying us far more so than what anyone outside of predominantly Black communities can do to us.

Out of envy and jealousy, we seem to hate to see each other succeed. It’s called the “crab mentality”. I have experienced it first hand.

We are our own worst enemies.

If we can get with that- not looking for anyone else to blame- raise the level of expectation of ourselves and each other, and return to our first works of commitment to faith and family, we still have time to save the next generation.

A brief rant!


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