Happy Independence Day, Fellow Americans!

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Life’s Precious Mortality: A Reminder of the gift of Life, Love, Family and True Friendship.

There is something about sitting in a room just before a major surgery and having the Anesthesiologist say to you, ‘”I must inform you of the risk- that you may never wake up again”.

There is no greater test of one’s faith than at that very moment.

When life’s precious mortality confronts you and puts you in a sort of corner, it is truly a time where you cannot help but to evaluate your life.

I found that, away from the public, from any role I needed to play, any point I felt needed to made or proven, or any cause I felt needed to be fought, all I could think about was the relationships in my life.

When you find yourself in a position of physical helplessness, you definitely notice who loves you unconditionally versus those who perhaps only see you for what you add to their own goals.

There are some who cannot see you beyond their hangups or personal expectations of you, meaning how you can meet their needs.

You see it in the reality of who is or isn’t beside you at that very moment life’s precious mortality causes you to pause beyond your control.

Those who love you unconditionally are often the ones you least expect to be there, but tend to be the ones we most take for granted. They are ones who do the little things only someone who deeply cares would even bother with. 

There is no one I could think of that I took for granted more than God, even as I know I have served diligently and sincerely.

Sometimes, it is so easy, however, to serve based upon the demands made on us by others – in the sincerity of our hearts-  rather than according to the call of God in our lives.

I knew, going into surgery, that eternal existence with God was assured to me, so I had no anxiety about that.

Nevertheless,  as I find myself unable to eat, dress, bath or even use the bathroom without assistance from several specialty and skilled nurses, it is a very serious reminder of my need of depending on God above all, as there are not a lot of folks beating your doors down to stand with you when you are at this point.

It is also a crushing blow to one’s mortal ego and perhaps a necessary tool to humble one who could so easily rest upon his own intellect and will to fight.

It is a reminder to do my best to never take my loved ones and true friends for granted.

Most of all, not to take God for granted.

Applause from man may come from many directions for many purposes, but it never matters in your deepest moments of need.

It is the love relationships that will matter.

I don’t know if this is “flowing”, as my mind has much on it.

All I know is that I am thanking the Lord for the gift of life, love, family and true friendship.

I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and mercy, even though – out of the sincerity of my heart- I am certain I have pursued demands that came from man more so than based upon His call on my life at times.

God is good!

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Hospitalization and Prayer Request

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I humbly ask you for your prayers as I prepare to be submitted into the hospital for neck surgery.

I have to check in at 4am, tomorrow morning- 6-27-2014

My surgery is scheduled for 7:30am. It is expected to last for 3 hours.

I have no idea how long I will be in the hospital for recovery.

I know that your prayers and our mutual faith shall indeed be effective on my behalf

Of course, it is likely to be a while before I post on the blog or on Facebook after my surgery, but I am confident that the Lord shall restore me soon.

Thank you and God bless you!

In Your Service,

Stacy Swimp

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Does A Ministry Have to Be Registered As A Non-Profit To be Legitimate?

Michigan, June 27, 2014- I was notified today that militant, anti Christian, progressive, marriage redefinition (aka “gay marriage)  advocate, Kathy Hoekstra, of Michigan, wrote a “hit piece” on me today in the Detroit News, alleging that I am a fraud as a minister because she was not able to find any information on my ministry.

In effect, she asserts that  the ministry must be illegitimate, since I have not incorporated the ministry and have not sought to possess a building, create a website, etc.

I love how the enemies of God attempt to use personal attacks and slander campaigns to focus the attention away from God’s Word. They seek to ridicule and publicly mock those who oppose the homosexual agenda of marriage redefinition rather than having an honest conversation about the issues that we raise.

They are desperate.

They will try anything to try to discredit those who are shining the light of God’s truth on their efforts to mock the image of God.

I don’t have to prove myself to Satan’s angels.

The fact is that the first church to incorporate in American history occurred in 1888.

For the first three centuries in North America,  it never occurred to any colonial churches (and more than one century as an independent nation)  to become a corporation.

We are here to determine whether or not the civil government is legitimate. We are not here to see if they determine whether or not our ministries are legitimate.

I have no intention, at this time, of incorporating Revive Alive Ministries.

I have no reason to. Hence, I don’t need a “building” or a location or even a website

Furthermore, the Federal government will recognize a church or ministry as a legal entity even if it is not incorporated. See 501 (c)(3) at 508.

This means that churches and ministries may be legally organized and recognized under state law as unincorporated.

Revive Alive does not have a bank account, Employee ID Number (EIN), trustees, Constitution or By-laws.

I do not conduct an annual business meeting, give tax deductible receipts, file tax-exempt forms, file for mercantile permits, support missionaries through an incorporated missions board, nor is the ministry listed in a Denomination or Incorporated Fellowship Directory.

In light of the above stated, Revive Alive does NOT have the trappings of a corporation and, therefore, does NOT have to become a registered entity with the State in order to be accepted by the State as a Ministry.

As a prophetic voice for revival and reformation, I absolutely do not require the State’s permission to the do the will of God.

Never assume any church or ministry is not legitimate simply because it does not choose to submit itself under the ownership of the State or Federal government.

I will say- for the record,  that I am, as a minister, under the umbrella of Greater Bibleway Temple (GBWT) of the Apostolic Faith- Jackson, Michigan and Bishop Ira Combs (http://gbwt.net/)

That said, those who seek to silence me will find their efforts to be futile. No devil in hell will ever walk on the Jesus in me.

Nice try, Demons!



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What Freedom Means to Me, By Stacy Swimp

Dear Friends and Supporters:

I am honored to share that I have been featured as a “Thought Leader” in the ONE AMERICA – “Leaders Celebrating Freedom Together” series published in Houston Business Connections Magazine.

My comments, about what freedom mean to me,  are as follows: 


Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.

And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever.

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.“- John 8:34-36

Many times, when discussing freedom, we tend to think in terms of the Constitution, our nation’s public policies and what we call “individual liberty”. In effect, we often consider freedom as something related to politics and what man defines as our boundaries.

When I think of Freedom, I think of the kind of freedom that no man can ever give me:

Freedom from my own sins and the bondage that came from sin.

Having been raised in an environment where bitterness and wrath, alcoholism, mental and physical abuse systematically stripped me of all initiative to achieve; I became a slave to that which surrounded me.

Sadly, that resulted in my becoming even worse than anything I had seen or heard as a pre-adolescent. I was blinded by my own sense of being a victim and could not see beyond the moment, chasing one destructive goal after another.

When I accepted Christ as my savior, it was the most liberating act I had ever known. It is Christ who made me free. Who released me from the guilt, shame, and fear that once held me captive.

I was freed from the rage.

God delivered me and gave me a right to live a life of freedom as He intended it…Freedom of Conscience and of spirit.

So, today, as we live in a society where government seeks to persecute us for our freedom of conscience and spirit, I am without worry or anxiety, for I know that no matter what the world may do to me and regardless of what perverted law government sanctions against my conscience, no man can deny the freedom I have from Jesus Christ, for it comes from the Spirit of the Lord.

The Bible says to live “is” to be like Christ and to “die” is to be with Christ.

There is no freedom in our nation that will matter to me without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Furthermore,as we face a reduction in our freedom of religion in America today- -which comes from our Judeo-Christian values- society has found itself increasingly in spiritual, moral and economic bondage!)

In the final analysis, freedom, to me, means I have the liberty to be who I am in Christ Jesus and stand tall before any and every opposition to my faith and against every violation of my conscience, knowing that the Lord will show Himself strong on my behalf.

On behalf of my true freedom!

See the following Houston BCM link:


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