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Christians Should Get Out To Vote In Primaries!

There are six states who are voting in primaries today today, including Virginia, South Carolina, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota. There is also a run off election in Arkansas today. I am calling on all born again Christians to get out … Continue reading

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NAACP Leader, Rev. William Barber, Commits “Black on Black Crime” Against Senator Tim Scott!

In a recent speech made at the Zion Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C.,  II, Head of the North Carolina State Chapter of the NAACP,  issued a preemptive and vicious attack on Senator Tim Scott  (R-S.C.), accusing the nation’s only Black … Continue reading

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Freedom Is Relationship Based!

I have met a lot of people over the years in the course of my political activism. However, I have met very few people in the realm of “conservative activism” who really took an interest in me as a person, … Continue reading

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Freedom At the Expense of Black Americans: The Racist Origin of Forced Unionism

This Labor Day, Big Labor is in disarray.  Despite spending a record $1.7 billion last election cycle in politicking and lobbying for more government-granted special power and privileges to expand their reach over more workers, union bosses continue to see … Continue reading

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Forced Unionism is Bad For Everyone!

As I have already contended in a number of different forums, the monopolistic type of unionism now authorized and promoted by federal labor policy for more than three quarters of a century is detrimental to the interests of Americans of … Continue reading

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