Starting on Dec. 26th through January 1st, millions of Black Americans will be celebrating Kwanzaa, which is widely known as a week-long African-American Cultural Festive.

Kwanzaa was founded by Maulana Karenga, chair of Cal State Long Beachs Department of Africana Studies, in 1966, in what he termed an audacious act of self-determination.

Karenga, a noted atheist and Marxist, teaches that Kwanzaa is based on seven principles, which he calls the “Nguzo Saba” (the seven principles of African Heritage), which he alleges is a communitarian African philosophy: the best of African thought and practice in constant exchange with the world.

The seven principles of Kwanzaa are allegedly Swahili terms.  Each of the seven days of Kwanzaa is dedicated to one of the principles:

  • Dec. 26th, Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.
  • Dec. 27th, Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.
  • Dec. 28th, Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers and sisters problems our problems, and to solve them together.
  • Dec. 29th, Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.
  • Dec. 30th, Nia (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.
  • Dec. 31st, Kuumba (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.
  • Jan. 2st, Imani (Faith): To believe with all our hearts in God, our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

I have seen many attack Black Americans for celebrating Kwanzaa, because its founder is atheist and a confirmed Marxist. Others condemn it for different reasons.

I take a different approach.

I dont have a problem with Black Americans who do choose to celebrate the principles of Kwanzaa. The main reason is because the principles are all quite conservative in nature, albeit I don’t know any Black Conservative who recognize Kwanzaa or celebrate it.

It does appear, therefore, to be a liberal outlet, so to speak.

That leads me to believe that Black liberals who are professing to embrace these so called principles are actually deceiving themselves, because liberalism is a direct affront to each of the principles taught in the Kwanzaa celebration. I would, quite honestly, be very excited, if liberals where to actually put into practice these principles which they so superficially celebrate.

For example, if liberals are sincere in wanting to “maintain unity in the family and nation”, why, then, do they not fiercely opposed the “Great Society” policies of the Democrat Party which have done more to break up and break down Black families than chattel slavery ever could?

I have never met a Black liberal who truly embraces the kind of self-determination Kwanzaa proposes, which calls for one to define themselves and speak for themselves. Black liberals have been indoctrinated by an ideology which makes it instinctive to malign, slander, and assassinate any idea, definition, or expression that does not espouse liberal Democrat policies.

Liberal Black Americans do not self-define. They are defined by the Democrat Party and they fight to promote those definitions.

Liberal Black Americans do not believe in “collective work and responsibility”. If they did, they would not spend the dollar bill outside of their communities after circulating it only one time (dollar velocity). Moreover, they would absolutely support free market solutions in business, education, and health care, which would result in a stronger local economy.

They don’t want to “solve problems together’, but want the government to solve their problems.

When I was growing up, most of the local businesses were owned by local residents. That quickly changed as I reached my teens. Now, most of the businesses owned in predominantly Black neighborhoods are owned and maintained by people who do not live in the community. In many instances, who are not even American? Here again, a glaring hypocrisy.

Restoring our people to our “traditional greatness”? I wonder if that includes the legacies of both African and African-Americans who espoused individual responsibility. Frederick Douglass once said: “A man may not get all that he deserves, but he must work for all that he gets”. That is a direct indictment of Obama’s HHS mandate, which strips Americans of the responsibility to work. Nothing great about that. Certainly nothing “authentically” Black or African about that. Most of all, nothing American about that.

Predominantly Black urban communities can reasonably be described as “war zones”. More citizens are murdered therein than both Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Although trillions of dollars in poverty funds have been allocated there over the past 47 years, these communities are not more “beautiful” than before the so called “war on poverty”, but are, in fact, worse than they were before the declared war on poverty.

Finally, there is the so called principle of “Faith”. I cannot accept that Black liberals believe in God with all their hearts, in their children, etc. Not when they are cooperating with the genocide of millions of unborn Black Children, fighting against school choice, and championing liberal democrat policies that are destined to deny our children of the opportunity to experience the kind of American exceptionalism that our Conservative forefathers fought to guarantee us.

Black conservatives, on the other hand, live every single one of the so-called principles of Kwanzaa. The difference is that we base our principles on the Word of God and the principles of the Constitution of the United States of American, which transcend culture or “color”.

We didn’t need to look for guidance from the roots of Marxism, no matter how appealing they may be on the surface. We know that it’s not real. The proof is in the hypocrisy of those who claim to practice Kwanzaa.

So, in the final analysis, my intent is not to condemn the one who claims to practice Kwanzaa for doing so. Instead, it is to call into question the hypocrisy of those who clearly do not practice what they preach.

Black Pastors To Hold Press Conference. Denounce NAACP and Gay Marriage Which They Say “Threatens to Destroy Western Civilization”

Detroit, Michigan– September 19, 2014- A National Coalition of Black Pastors and Christian Leaders has announced that they are holding a special Press Conference in Detroit, Michigan on September 23, 2014.

The Coalition will reveal a national strategy to combat court decisions overturning state laws protecting traditional marriage in partnership with the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Press Conference shall be held at 10am, in Dearborn Room 1, at the Marriott- Detroit Metro Airport, Romulus, Michigan 48174.

The Council, which has denounced gay marriage as “a threat to end western civilization as we know it,” has also condemned the NAACP as a “morally bankrupt institution” that has “sold Black civil rights for gay rights,” according to its spokesperson, Minister Stacy Swimp

In 2012, the NAACP took an official position to endorse “gay marriage,” by putting out a press release saying “we support marriage equality consistent with equal protection under the law provided under the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

The NAACP has not recanted their position, in spite of the fact the overwhelming majority of Black Americans oppose gay marriage.

How is it that the NAACP concludes that the 14th Amendment, which was created to guarantee the citizenship rights of Black Americans,  is now meant to give license to a behavior which would devastate an already fractured institution in the Black community, which is the family? says Pastor Danny Holliday, Founder and Pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Alton, Illinois.Every God fearing American has a moral obligation to renounce membership to this once proud organization that has clearly lost its moral compass.

The NAACP and other advocates of redefining marriage say that lesbians and homosexuals are “born gay” and should not be discriminated against because of how they were born.

The Coalition of Black Pastors and Christian leaders disagree.

No one is created homosexual and forever condemned to being so. That argument, in defense of gay marriage cannot be substantiated. I am living proof.” says Evangelist Janet Boynes, a former lesbian who is one of the leaders of the Coalition. Therefore, to redefine marriage and, essentially, render the concept of family without true meaning, would be an action against the will of God and the best interest of nation, family, and person who has been deceived into thinking he or she is without hope of walking away from homosexuality.

The Coalition, represented by the Thomas More Law Center, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has filed several briefs on behalf of the Coalition in the Circuit Court of Appeals and in the US Supreme Court.

“We pray that Federal judges shall uphold the rule of law and dismiss the wrongful assertion which says that so called gay marriage has association with the 14th Amendment, which was passed to guarantee the citizenship rights of Black Americans,”  says Pastor Emery Moss, Strictly Biblical, Detroit, Michigan.

“Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it indicate that equal justice under the law is related to gay marriage,” says Bishop Samuel Smith, of the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship. “Marriage, furthermore, was defined by God. Not by government. Government has no right to redefine marriage and destroy the meaning of family.”

Bishop Smith concludes, “The Constitution provides us our civil, political, and religious freedom, in accordance with our God given rights. The courts of the United States have a duty to the American people to uphold these God given rights and the Constitution.”

Please Pray for Israel and Dont Let Anti Semetic American Mass Media Mislead you!

I have noticed that Pro Palestinian, American mass media have been spreading false propaganda about Israel and that nature of the conflict that Israel is in.

I have also noticed how many Americans have been easily miseducated in an attitude of animosity and distrust towards Israel.

Recently, NBA Player, Dwight Howard, tweeted Free Palestine He clearly has a right to freedom of expression, but he is also clearly lacking knowledge.

I have, furthermore, been verbally attacked by some so called Christians for my stance in support of Israel.

We must not allow our friends in Israel to fall or to be falsely maligned. I will not be swayed against Israel by any power on this earth.

In any event, American media also says that the Hamas are the real threat to Israel. I believe that is a false distraction manufactured by the Obama Administration.

The TRUTH is that the Hamas is NOT the greatest threat to Israel. The greatest threat to Israel is Iran.

The Hamas are mere pawns.

The truth is that the mullahs of Tehran provide the weapons, equipment, training, and funding for the Hamas to attack Israel.

Iran has provided thousands upon thousands of rockets and missiles to the enemies of Israel.

It is also worthy of noting that both Al Qaeda and ISIS, an al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria are also engaged in the fight against Israel.

What we are witnessing is Islamic caliphate. Muslims are uniting to try to destroy Israel and make Israel a Muslim State- in their pursuit of world domination.

THAT is the bigger picture that mass media here in the United States appears to avoid being completely honest about, particularly with the Obama Administration clearly empathetic with Syria, Iran, the Palestinians and the global Islamic agenda.


English: Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.  During this time of joyous celebration, of gift giving and receiving, I ask, “What is the one gift that best represents a prosperous New Year?”

Thinking back to the original Christmas gifts, I couldn’t help but notice a powerful economics lesson contained in the story of the Three Wise Men.  They traveled great distances from Asia, North Africa and Western Europe to get to Bethlehem.  Lacking sophisticated navigation systems, they followed the Bethlehem Star, a reference point fixed in the heavens.  If not for this heavenly gift, the Three Wise Men would not have found Jesus.

All other measurements of time and distance have evolved from, and are made possible by, this fixed reference.  The more complex a society, the more it depends on fixed standards of measure.  In our highly advanced society, consider what life would be like if we had to check the news channel to see if an hour closed at 60 minutes or if a foot was still 12 inches.  Life would be  chaos.  An equally important unit of measure, the dollar, is not fixed to any standard of value.  As a result, we have financial chaos.

Markets do not determine the value of the dollar, politicians do.  Markets simply react to their policies, so blaming markets for a weak dollar is hypocrisy of the highest order.  It is the equivalent of throwing sand in the gears then blaming the engine.  What do you expect from politicians?

US Gold Standard Balance

US Gold Standard Balance (Photo credit: hyperion327)

This brings me back to the Three Wise Men.  Is it a coincidence that one of them brought gold?  Just as the Bethlehem Star is a fixed reference in the galaxy, Gold is a fixed reference point among the galaxy of prices.  It has held its purchasing power relative to other goods for more than 400 years (and probably longer if we had the data to prove it.)  When a currency has been defined as a specific weight of gold, it too has retained its purchasing power.  Some call this “sound money” or “hard money”.  Alternatively, under the “paper dollar standard”, which began in 1971, the dollar has lost over 90% of its value.  That’s right, nine-zero!

The most solemn pledge a government can make to its citizens is to maintain the value of its currency.  Doing so preserves the income, savings and living standards of the people, while failure means confiscation.  Think of it this way:  The government issues two types of obligations, one is interest bearing (Treasury securities) and the other is non-interest bearing (Federal Reserve Notes, or currency).  Recall the ruckus that occurred around the debt ceiling fiasco with the mere mention of the possibility that the U.S. would even consider defaulting on its interest bearing obligations.  Compare that to the silent default that occurs routinely when politicians diminish the value of the dollar.

If you ordered a drink and it was watered down, you would speak up.  If you ordered the 12 oz. steak and received the 8 oz. instead, you would speak up.  With gold convertibility, you can speak up.  If the Fed watered down the money supply, citizens could take delivery of the underlying collateral, thereby reducing the money supply and preserving the value of all dollars.

A gold-standard 1928 one-dollar bill. It is identified as a United States Note rather than a Federal Reserve note and by the words Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand, which do not appear on todays currency. This clause became obsolete in 1933 but remained on new notes for 30 years thereafter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History is clear.  Economic growth is strongest and unemployment is lowest when the dollar is defined as having a fixed value.  Further, the rise in oil prices is fully explained by the decline in the value of the dollar.  Defining the dollar in terms of gold will result in lower and stable gas prices.  Finally, a return to sound money also means the Fed would have to end the amazingly stupid policy of raising interest rates every time wages started to increase.  Memo to the Fed:  wage growth is a sign that prosperity is about to be enjoyed by every corner of society and that is a good thing.

The only winners under a paper dollar standard have been the Progressives who want to systematically transfer power and liberty from the people to the government.  And make no mistake, there are many big government Republicans who might as well be Progressives.

My favorite Wise Man is the one who brought gold.  Let’s be wise and demand a return to sound money.  It will be the greatest gift we can give each other. This will represent the largest transfer of power from the government to the people in the history of the republic.  If we stick together we have them outnumbered.  If we bring the heat, politicians will see the light.  It’s your turn to speak up.  Wishing all of you a prosperous New Year!