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“Black History Month Makes a Mockery of Black History”

By: Stacy M. Swimp   During “Black History Month” most people focus on Black America’s “heroes.” Stories are shared about the past, or what some call the “Black experience” in America. Unfortunately, Black History Month seems to have become a … Continue reading

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Is L. Brooks Patterson Detroit’s No. 1 Enemy?- By Bankole Thompson, Chronicle Senior Editor

When I heard about Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson’s disgusting and irresponsible remarks in the New Yorker magazine under the provocative and sick headline “Drop Dead, Detroit,” about Michigan’s largest city, I could not believe it. At first I … Continue reading

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NAACP Leader, Rev. William Barber, Commits “Black on Black Crime” Against Senator Tim Scott!

In a recent speech made at the Zion Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C.,  II, Head of the North Carolina State Chapter of the NAACP,  issued a preemptive and vicious attack on Senator Tim Scott  (R-S.C.), accusing the nation’s only Black … Continue reading

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“Have I Done Enough?”: The True Question Dr. King’s Legacy Forces Us to Ask Ourselves!

“One day we will have to stand before the God of history and we will talk in terms of things we’ve done. Yes, we will be able to say we built gargantuan bridges to span the seas, we built gigantic … Continue reading

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Aligning With Righteousness Over Political Ideologies!

Agreeing with someone’s core values does not obligate me to agree with or give cover for their misconduct.Agreeing with someone’s ideas does not obligate me to cooperate with what I consider to be reckless execution of those ideas.  That is … Continue reading

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