Prior to the Atlantic Slave trade, slavery was existent in Africa, in a different context than what Africans encountered prior to the aforementioned.

Some Africans (no different than the Greeks, Romans, and other civilizations) had been in the practice of capturing and selling their enemies off as slaves.

When some were selling other Africans to European slave traders, it was not people of their own villages. It was whom they deemed their enemy.

I would submit to you that, in America, this practice of selling off Black persons  by other Black Americans of African descent  is still applicable, but without any of the tribal or historical boundaries of ante-bellum African slave traders.

There are many Black leaders today who are selling off millions of fellow Black Americans into economic, moral, and spiritual bondage, through political manipulation.

All of it for profit and influence within a larger system. It is a centuries old tradition practiced by the elites.

When Black leaders, for example, support Big Labor policies, oppose school choice, support minimum wage hikes, socialized medicine, and amnesty for illegal aliens (Which will increase Black unemployment), it is reminiscent of Africans who sold their enemies, albeit also African, into slavery.

When Black leaders, furthermore, defend Satanic abortion policies that have taken the life of over 16 million Black babies in the past 30 years, this is a form of selling off other Blacks for personal gain.

It is so much more sinister than merely selling out.

Some of those present day traders are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, many members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and many leaders within the NAACP and Urban League, who have been tenacious supporters of social and economic policies which devastated families and whole communities, as well as directly led to the death of millions of persons.

The moral here is that anyone who would support the above stated policies is not your friend.

He or she is your declared enemy and, without a shadow of a doubt, views you as a slave just waiting to be sold off.