Hello, my dear followers,
In this blog we will discuss Alzheimer’s disease. This topic became interesting to me after I recognized how many people around the world suffer from this disease.

There are many effective preventive measures against Alzheimer’s disease development, which help to stay sane and healthy even without taking pills and medicines. I am going to share with you the information which I collected within last 7 years inlcuding symptoms, progress of this disease and ways of its treatment. All the information I have and present is based on latest researches, conclusions of medical experts, physician recommendations.
I hope that this information will help many of you to recognize this disease in your friends/relatives earlier and to stop or at least attenuate its progression and regain health.

Do you have members of your family or friends suffering from this disorder? What measures do you take? You are welcome to share your experience and ask questions. All your questions will be answered by leading experts in this field. Sometimes we will arrange so-called “round tables” where practicing physicians will discuss and comment on most curious stories of yours.